Thursday, April 23, 2009

You have the power to save

I was paying my electricity bill last week and happened across a person instead of the usual machine. In the course of paying my account they noticed I was paying a little extra each week ($0.69) so I could access some renewable 'green' energy. I was told for another 0.31 cents extra I could qualify for additional green power and get one month's electricity credited back to my account.

Check out your current electricity account and see how much you are paying. If this sounds interesting to you simply switch to Origin for your household electricity and natural gas and they'll reward you with a month off from paying your electricity bill.

They calculate the total amount of electricity you used over the previous 12 months and divide it by 12. This amount will then be credited to your electricity bill after your 12 month qualifying period so long as you pay your accounts by the due date or advise them when you will pay if you can't make the due date (this happens to all of us from time to time).

Why not visit and see if this is something you could use.

Do you know any money saving options for other everyday expenses?

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