Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Get thrifty - save some money

Here are some tips that we've used ourselves or that people have told us about that can help you save some money.

  1. Have a look at your mobile phone bill. Can you cut a better deal. Look at other providers and see what's available. We just moved providers and our mobile bill has come down from $300 per month to $90 pm. Try to text rather than calling mobile phones when its appropriate.
  2. How high is your electricity bill? With privatisation we're not tied to one provider. Call another and see if they can service you. We just moved to Integral Energy and they guaranteed to take 8% off our bill. That represents a saving of about $60 a quarter. Use your clothes dryer only when you desperatley have to. Turn off lights when not in use and turn off appliances at the power point.
  3. What about your insurance? Consider consolidating them with a single insurer for extra savings on premiums.
  4. Do you outsource? If you have a cleaner or gardner come in once a week, consider having them come in once a fortnight. Even better, look at the jobs you can do yourself.
  5. Consider selling unused items around the house. A client had her kids collect all the Playstation games they have in the room that they don't use any more. They traded them in and received $200. Is there money sitting around your home?
  6. Cut down on tuckshop for kids and keep bought lunches for yourself to a minimum. Make it yourself, you will save a fortune. Baking cakes from packet mix is fine for their morning tea and let the kids help with the cooking. I do and my little ones think its great.
  7. Stop the take away! Sure its (somestimes) quick and easy but it really is very expensive for what you get. Haven't you wondered how they can afford all those commercials? Have a no take away rule in your home.
  8. Cut down on your coffee. At $4 a cup just 2 a day adds up to $40 in a week! And I know people who are drinking more than that a day.
  9. If its convenient shop 1 hour before the supermarket closes, they mark down a lot of fresh produce - especially meat, just before they close.
  10. Email, to keep in touch rather than using your mobile phone.
  11. Cut down on your Austar or Foxtel subscription. Hiring the video is cheaper!
  12. Do you have consumer debt? Credit cards, personal loans etc. Consolidate them and pay the one loan at a lower interest rate.
  13. Don't buy bottled water. Get a water bottle and take your own water. Australian tapwater is of the highest quality and you will be helping the evironment by not purchasing more plastic bottles and saving money!
  14. If you really want to save money, take the savings you have made by using these tips and put it on your mortgage. Over time you will save thousands of dollars.

If you can think of other savings tips, or if there is something you have done that was particularly successful, please let us know.

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