Friday, July 25, 2008

Planning a budget

We have reached a point where we buy on impulse with no thoughts to the consequences. In order to reverse this trend we need to become more responsible with our spending habits. One of the best tools to help an individual accomplish this is the personal budget. Many people do not see the value in creating a budget as they simply have no desire to restrict their spending habits. However, budgeting is not about “financial dieting” but rather it is a decision-making process. While it is about numbers it is not about accounting. It is about making decisions in your life and choosing specific plans to make your goals a reality.

The object of a good budget is to make your money help you reach your goals, not to force you to conform to rigid rules. Don't be discouraged if your plan doesn't work for you right away. You may have to revise it several times until it fits your wants and needs.

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