Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bank service is reaching horror levels

The past 12 months have seen a tremendous shift in Australian banking. Despite the fact our banks are much better off than in other contries, many banks are no longer in the mortgage market. I personally believe this has taken the banking industry back fifteen to twenty years. As a result of the turmoil in credit markets, consumers won't be able to count on serious competition from non-bank lenders for some time.

Recent aquisitions (RAMS and St George to Westpac and Bank West and part of Aussie to CBA) has given the four major banks a huge opportunity to capitalise on a situation where they are handling almost ninety-five percent of all loan applications. The downside of this is that service levels are at an all time low. If you need to use a major bank, please understand that they can take up to 2 - 3 weeks just to look at your application. Refinances are taking an inordinate amount of time as there is not the same urgency as there is in a purchase. Genuine pre-approvals (I'm not talking about the rubbish-waste of paper-internet ones) are not even available. If you're about to purchase a home, please don't be cajoled by your real estate agent into offering a contract that only has a 14 day finance clause on it. It's almost certain you will need to arrange an extension through your solicitor. 21 days should be the minimum in the current environment.

Despite all this there is opportunity for some borrowers to use lenders other than the majors. After being knocked about early on, these second tier lenders are determined to make a come-back, offering good and timely service and pricing their loans similar to those of their cartel-like competitors. But, as always, don't just look at the rate. In some cases we have clients taking a rate which is only 0.10 per cent lower than someone else but unfortunately, we are not seeing the service they require.

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